Interests & Passion

There is so much to talk and share about. Some of the core areas I coach and speak on include:

  • Neurobiology - what happens¬†in the brain and body when we get stressed and the impacts that this has over time.¬†
  • Neurodevelopment - understanding the beauty of the development of the baby's brain and how this drives all future learning, growth and development.¬†
  • Health and Wellness - discovering what factors can contribute to a life of greater health and vitality (without the weird).¬†¬†
  • Personal Growth and Development -¬†helping¬†people¬†to get¬†unstuck and find the strategy and courage to live a life of purpose and meaning.¬†
  • Self-Discovery -¬†walking people through a process of uncovering who they truly are (their true identity) and coming to a place of self-love and internal peace.¬†


I have been a practising chiropractor since 2000 (BSc, MChiro), and a certified craniosacral therapist since 2013 (CST - Upledger). 

In 2016 I completed training to Master Coaching level and am in the process of finalising certification (Neurocoaching Australia - PCC). 

I have given talks and presentations to audiences on a large scale (corporate) and small scale (mothers groups) for many years and feel that this is my sweet spot.

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Welcome ...

Hello and welcome to my personal webpage. 

As you can see I wear several hats, all linked together by a passion for helping people to live a life of health, meaning and purpose, and at the same time discover who they uniquely are and the worth that they possess. 

I have seen too many people live life trapped by lies that they have been told and have believed. 

My heart is to challenge the long-held mindsets and ways of thinking that minimise and isolate people from each other, and lead people to see the worst in themselves or believe the worst in others. From this change courage returns and hope is restored. 

Life is for living, not just surviving. 

You are worth it!


In 2015 I established Legacy Coaching, an online coaching business to help people recover from chronic stress and burnout. 

In 2021 Legacy Coaching 2.0 emerged with a revamped focus on 3 main areas:

1. Improving brain and body health

2. The journey of self-discovery

3. Discovering purpose and meaning in life

Click below to discover more about Legacy Coaching. 



Since 2000, I have been helping people of all ages through gentle chiropractic care.

My primary focus has centred on helping people to recover from challenges they may be facing, and then grow towards the healthiest they can be. 

My approach has been to focus on the brain, and its connection with the body (rather than just the bones of the spine).

I use techniques that help people get out of a state of survival and into a state of growth and healing.



Most people say that they fear public speaking more than they fear death!

I love it.

I love watching the audience experience moments of awareness and discovery as I share insights about the things I am passionate about and well-versed in. 

I love finding creative ways of communicating to maximise the opportunity for people to become:

- Inspired

- Empowered

- Transformed


26 Principles (working title) is currently in the writing stage. It is a book about some of the core principles that I have learned and used during my journey from burnout to internal peace

Sharing this has been a dream of mine, and although it is a slower process than I expected, I am sure that the wait will be worth it for all who read it. 

If you want to be among the first to read (or proofread) each principle as it nears completion, click the yellow button below. 

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